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A Yard Sale Treasure to Share

If you know anything about me, you would know that I love to go to yard sales.  My husband likes to go on these treasure hunts even more than I do.  We go every Saturday morning in the summer time and we end our visit at the local Farmer’s Market.  It has become a tradition for us in the last few years and I am sure when we are no longer on this earth, our family will look at our treasures and wondering which yard sale find that happened to be.

Last week, my treasure was a little perpetual calendar that is entitled” Celebrate Today.”  It has a quote for each day that is serious and a quote for each day that is more lighthearted.  On the left is a space for “Today’s Celebration” and you write in your personal comment.

This is the thought for July 1

When I am happy, I will share my happiness with others.  When I am sad, I will not be afraid to ask for comfort.  It is not a weakness to express my emotions.

A temper is a valuable possession — don’t lose it.


Happy July Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I love bargaining/coupons/consignment shopping also. There is a lovely store here in Wilmington – The Ivy Cottage – and I love an afternoon in the store (three buildings) piddling around their shops. I have purchased many items from the IC. I love to think about the money I saved, but I also wonder what the story is behind some of the pieces that I have purchased. Who was the original owner, what was her house like, why did she decide to part with what is now a treasure to me….what is the story behind the sideboard, the lamp, the cookie jar.


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