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Persimmon Pudding

In the South we are known to be generous, especially with our fruits and vegetables.  This time of year, the vegetable gardeners are more than happy to share their crop with those of us that do not have gardens.  This reminds me of a friend that moved to this part of the South a few years ago.  This lady’s husband was a Pastor and had just accepted a position at a local church.  This Pastor was very gregarious and outgoing.  He had lived in the Norfolk area of Virginia and that is quite different from this area of the foothills of North Carolina.  He came to town just as the Persimmons were ripening and all the ladies in the area were making their Persimmon Pudding.

The ladies in the church asked the Pastor if he liked Persimmon Pudding.  He honestly had never heard of Persimmon Pudding but to be kind he said,  Oh Yes!  Of Course!  I love Persimmon Pudding.  That started the avalanche.  The ladies in the church wanted to make sure that he had all the Persimmon Pudding he could eat.  The brought it to him on Sunday at church.  They left it in the church office for him during the week.  They left it on the porch of his house if he wasn’t at home.

How do I know this? As I worked with his wife, we were blessed with Persimmon Pudding very often because they had so much they just didn’t know what to do with it.  Did they like it?  No, I am afraid not.  Neither one of them liked it at all and that made the challenge even bigger.

I think this is a perfect example of how one little white lie can just grow and grow and become bigger and bigger and get completely out of hand.


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