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Fresh Corn in the Summertime

Confetti Corn By Ina Garten

In the summer in the South, it almost seems as if we eat vegetables in cycles depending on when they are harvested in the gardens.  First of all, everyone is cooking green beans, squash, cucumber and finally corn in that order.  Last weekend at the farmers market was the first time that I saw fresh corn.  Everyone was selling it and it looked wonderful.  We have been eating corn for a week now and it is so good.

As I have been collecting Ina Garten’s cookbooks, I found a recipe for confetti corn in her Back to Basics Cookbook and it looked so pretty and sounded easy to make.  She uses the red sweet pepper in her recipe and I used yellow sweet pepper in mind.  She recommends using white corn or yellow corn and I found the multi-corn that is white and yellow on the same stalk and that is what I used.  Ina suggests that you always use a very good olive oil and I have invested in a bottle of quality olive oil from a new store in our area called The Crushed Olive.  They also have an on-line site where you can order their oils or vinegars on line.

This is a picture of my Confetti Corn and I was very proud of the way it turned out.  I am listing below a link to Food Network and Ina’s recipe for Confetti Corn.

This is the link for the Crushed Olive in Hickory if you want to check it out.

One of the most wonderful pleasures of living in the South in the summertime, is fresh corn.  So does that mean I’m Southern, I certainly hope so.

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