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My New Bench

My husband is a woodturner and people are always giving him wood.  One of his friends gave him this long piece of wood they had used for a bench, thinking he could use it to make a bowl, plate or pen.  When I saw that piece of wood, I immediately thought of this tree in my side yard.  I have wanted a bench or chair under the tree as it is such a cool and restful place even on the hottest days. My husband found two more pieces of wood to make the stumps for the long board to sit on and put everything together for me.

Closeup of Rustic Bench

Now I will look for an old bucket or piece of pottery to put on the end of the bench to add to the decor.  I couldn’t have found anything to place under this tree that would have made me any happier.

My Side Yard

I am very happy for two reasons.  One, I have a very rustic bench for my shade tree.  Two, we were able to remove three pieces of wood from my husbands enormous collection and he doesn’t even realize it.  HaHa!

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  1. I wish I was sitting on this bench with you today!!! It looks so peaceful. I know you will enjoy it.


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