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Southern Flower Traditions

Growing up in the South, there were certain flowers I expected to see every year.  It wasn’t as if someone told me about these flowers, it was just something I learned over time.  I enjoy my flowers and I think all flowers are just beautiful.  I thought a good way to ease into a Monday would be to show you the flowers in our yard.  We have a small yard and I am not an avid gardener by any means but I do like to have something blooming in my yard during the entire growing season.  The two things gardeners in the South have to deal with in the summer is heat and humidity.  The heat in North Carolina has been extreme this summer,  just as it has all over the nation.  Here are the pictures:

Petunia and Bird bath

The picture on the right is of an old bench I have in my backyard.  That is a bird bath on the bench along with the Petunias.  The large bush on the left is a Pyracanthia and I will enjoy the pretty red berries on the shrub this fall. There are two cardinals that visit the bird bath late in the afternoon and I enjoy watching them.  Petunias are plants that I remember being around forever and they grow well in the South.

Portulaca (Spanish Moss) and Geranium



My Grandmother had a geranium every year as a potted plant and they were usually red.  Because of the extreme heat right now, mine has quit blooming.  It will start to bloom again when the cooler air returns.  My Mother planted portulaca in our yard when I was a little girl. We didn’t call it portulaca but we called it Spanish moss.  When I visited Arizona several years ago it was such a pleasant surprise to see this flower blooming in the desert.

I always associate a fern with the large homes of the South that have covered porches all across the front and they almost always have Ferns in hanging baskets across the front of the porch.  I have found this plant stand right beside my front door to be the perfect spot for my Fern.  It has really gotten big and it was quite puny when I bought it.  The picture on the right is a long view of the far corner of our backyard.  That is the same old bench and birdbath in the corner.  We enjoy the tall trees that create privacy and greenery in the backyard all year.


Our Backyard

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