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Gratitude and Biscuits

I know that is a crazy title but that is what I have on my mind right now.  First of all, gratitude.  I just don’t hear thank you so much anymore.  Even when you go into a store and make a large purchase, you don’t hear people say thank you.  Right now, Oprah has started her gratitude journal again and I think that is a great thing.  We do have lots of things to be thankful for and one of my favorite things to say is “attitude of gratitude.”  That is my goal for this week to be thankful and satisfied with the things I do have.  I will not fret about the things I do not have.

This is the link to Oprah’s gratitude journal:

Second, biscuits.  What does gratitude and biscuits have in common?  I love to cook and always have and admired southern cooks that could just whip up a plate of fresh warm biscuits in an instant.  I think their first secret was Lard and NO, WE DO NOT USE LARD MUCH ANYMORE EVEN IN THE SOUTH.  I think their second secret was repetition.  Most of these cooks made biscuits everyday.  I have made biscuits successfully in the past but only on occasion.  I never really mastered how much flour, etc.

However, I can bake good sourdough bread and I love to knead that bread so what is the difference?  I really don’t know but I have found a great way to have homemade biscuits on a whim and I am GRATEFUL that I have discovered this.  I am going to share my secret with you.

Go to the freezer section of your grocery store and buy the frozen Pillsbury biscuits.  You can bake a few or a dozen at one time and they come out perfect every time you bake them.  When I eat one of those, I really question why I would want to ever bake one from scratch again.  Today I am thankful for frozen biscuits that taste as if they were made from scratch.

I think the reason I think of Oprah and these biscuits at the same time is because she had these biscuits as one of her favorite things in one of  her holiday shows.  That very weekend, my husband and I went out looking for some of those biscuits.  We had already discovered them and had been eating them on occasion before Oprah’s endorsement of them.  A side thought:  my husband loved the favorite things Oprah shows and had seen that one.  We searched all over town that weekend and could not find any of the Pillsbury biscuits.  My husband was so disappointed and he immediately said, “This Is All Oprah’s Fault.”

Fresh homemade biscuits isn’t so important unless you are a Southern girl and I am thankful that it means I am Southern.

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