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A Little Grease Never Hurt Anyone

On this blog, I will share a quote every Saturday.  However, the above thought came to my mind last weekend as we ventured into the mountains of North Carolina and visited Shatley Springs.  We experienced Southern cooking the way it was created years ago before organic, vegan and natural entered into our vocabularies.  Do not think for a minute that I don’t want to be healthy.  That is something I work on every day and I belong to a gym and work out every week.

However, I will indulge from time to time and enjoy a great home cooked Southern meal.  I think we owe it to our ancestors to keep those traditions current.  The title of this post came from a friend I worked with.  We would walk at lunch every day and went to weight watchers together and lost weights.  We usually ate together every day and would eat healthy.  However, every now and then, when I asked Jill what she wanted for lunch she would have a little twinkle in her eye and would say, ” well, you know, a little grease every now and then never hurt anyone.  That would just tell me that a visit to a local greasy spoon for lunch was an option.

In honor of Jill, Shatley Springs and all the Southern cooks out there, present, past and future, I will share a recipe for red eye gravy.  Red eye gravy is what you serve with country ham that has been cured in salt.  It is absolutely one of my most favorite Southern meals.  I especially enjoy it when I go to Shatley Springs and the gravy reminds me of my grandmother’s red eye gravy. I have made it following this recipe and it is good but somehow it just isn’t the same as the red eye gravy of my grandmother and Shatley Springs.

After the country ham has been fried in a pan

Take meat scraps form pan and mince finely; return to pan with fat rendered and simmer for about 20 minutes.  Pepper to taste and add about a teaspoon of cornstarch to thicken and a few drops of coffee for color.

It sounds so simple but my grandmother and Shatley Springs used some type of magic to make it just awesome.

I do believe a little grease never hurt anyone and so that  means I am southern.

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  1. I love this post. I am like you, every once in a while I have to get my grease quotient. I used to work wtih a dear friend, Heather, and I would tell her every once in a while that we needed something for lunch “with grease on the bag”. She would just laugh because she knew exactly what I meant!!!


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