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Sometimes You Just Have To Ask

Couponing and being thrifty is a new skill I am trying to develop.  I would be considered a rookie as far as my couponing skills.  As I have stated before, I am a subscriber to Coupon Mom and I have learned a lot from her website and her book.  One of the things she mentioned was negotiating.  I had not thought of that before but I realized I had that skill from being in corporate America for most of my career.  I decided to try my skills when I was doing business with a company.

I had two situation to arise last week and I decided to try my negotiating skills.  When I worked in the banking industry, my least favorite client had to be one that felt entitled to so many benefits because they were doing business with our bank.  I declared then that I would never be that way.  However, when I thought of negotiating, I decided you can ask without offending people.

The first situation is a company we have used for service for five years and had signed a five year contract.  That contract expired this month and I called them to verify that it had expired.  They confirmed for me that it had expired and I told them I would shop around for the best service at the best price.  They asked if I had any problems with their service and I told them I had not.  They told me they could reduce my monthly payments by eighteen percent.  That pleased me and I told them I would consider that and would call them back in 24 hours to let them know my decision.  I called back and told them I would continue with their service and they said if I would sign a one-year agreement, they would give me two months at 1/2 off.  Wow, that was really productive for me and I felt that I did it in a very diplomatic way.

The second situation was making reservations for a family trip.  We always take our dog with us and I know I will pay a pet fee.  We will only be gone for a long weekend and stay at this location for three nights.  The pet fee was a flat $125 and I thought that was just too much for my dog as he is old and calm and just wants a comfortable place to sleep.  As I made the reservations, I stated that I really wanted to rent from this company and had done so in the past.  However, I expressed my concern with the pet fee as we were only staying for three nights.  The agent agreed with me and cut the fee in half to $75 and that is what we would have paid a pet sitter locally to keep our dog if we left him here.

I have changed my thinking and realized that sometimes all you have to do is ask in a nice way.  Companies today want our business and are willing to meet us and negotiate with us.

That is just something to think about on a daily basis  and we should just keep remembering to Ask.

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