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So You Live With A Diabetic – I Do Too

When my husband was diagnosed as a diabetic, we were depressed for days.  We thought it was just something that happens to someone else.  That was over ten years ago and I can say that our health has improved greatly since that day.

I see others that struggle with this disease and I understand that.  I worked with someone at the time that was diabetic and she told me it just isn’t so bad.  I thought she was crazy.  She was right and it isn’t so bad.  Of course, I know this is chronic and something that must be controlled.  I know my husband could have complications at any time.  Last night part of one of his toenails came off and I almost went into a panic.  We are taking very good care of it and if I see one complication, he will go to the doctor.

If you are cooking for a diabetic, here are some things I have learned:

A salad really does help a diabetic from having a sugar spike.  We eat lots of salads and if you use an oil and vinegar based salad dressing that seems to help even more.  ( We try our best not to use products that have high fructrose corn syrup in them.)

Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Breads are good starches for diabetics.

Getting your medication right will help more than anything.  It took several years for my husband to get his medication to work correctly.  Waking up with night sweats is not normal and can be an indication that your medication is not right.

Exercise.  Last year my husband and I joined a gym.  We work out about three times a week and that has helped his sugar level tremendously.  We have more energy and that means we are more active which is great for a diabetic.

A diabetic can have dessert and I try to adjust recipes so that he will be able to eat portion controlled servings and I love using Splenda in our recipes.  It works in just about everything.

My husband does take his disease seriously and wants to live a long time.  I can honestly say that now he seems healthier and is thinner than he was when he was diagnosed with this disease.

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