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Do You Know My Name?

I like to share different quotes on Saturday and the one I am sharing today is from one of the children at the daycare center where I am working.  I only worked there for two weeks and then I was off on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  It was good to come back to children that remembered Miss Dianne.

There is one four year old boy that I see occasionally at daycare but he has always given me a hug.  He asked me my name one day and I told him Miss Dianne.  I saw him when I returned on Wednesday.  As always, he was exceptionally happy to see me.  He not only gave me a hug but when I sat down in a chair, he came and climbed on my lap.  He gave me another big hug.  I asked him, “Do you know my name.?”  He stopped for a minute and gave it a long thought.  I really thought he was going to admit that he did not know my name.  However, after a long pause, he gave me a big smile and said my name was, “Grandma.”

As my grandson lives in another country and I never get to see him, I thought that was the ultimate compliment.  That is also the name my grandson calls me.  What a privilege it is to be called Grandma even if it is an adopted name.


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