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Chuck E Cheese and Daddy

This week at our daycare center, Chuck E Cheese paid a visit to our children.  Some of the children were scared of him but he did visit each room and gave each of the kids a high five and went on his way.  The three year olds liked him and couldn’t wait to tell their parents when they picked them up.

This reminded me of a funny story told to me by a former boss and actually the best boss I ever had.  This man was small in statute and was about 5′ 7″ in height.  His firstborn was a daughter that he adored.  On her fifth birthday her parents decided to take her to Chuck E Cheese.  When Chuck E came out, the daughter crawled under the table in fear and was in a fetal position.  Her Daddy, being the great protector, crawled under the table and looked deep into his daughter’s eyes and explained to her that he was there to protect her and he would not let Chuck E Cheese hurt her.

After a few minutes of deep thought, the little girl looked into her Daddy’s eyes and said, ‘ BUT DADDY, CHUCK E CHEESE IS BIGGER THAN YOU.”

I know it took a lot for this special boss to share a story that made him look so small.  However, this is the first story that comes to mind when I see Chuck E Cheese.


Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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