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Pictures From Our Thanksgiving Meal

I am sharing pictures today of some of the items at our Thanksgiving meal.  As I am dealing with leftovers, as most of us are today, I will take more pictures and add them to my blog later. 

We had  a wonderful Thanksgiving and shared the meal with three of our neighbors.  They are great people to be around and we are very comfortable with them. It is such a privilege to sit at your Thanksgiving table with people that share the love of food, fellowship and friends.  It really made our day very special to be with people that would understand, even if all of my food wasn’t exactly perfect.  l was very fortunate that most of it turned out the way I expected.

I am listing below pictures and the date of the blog post that has that recipe.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Pumpkin Pie – Recipe Posted on 11/11

Chocolate Pecan Pie – Recipe Posted on 11/21

Cranberry Relish – Recipe Posted on 11/16

Potato Salad – recipe Posted on 11/23

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