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Fruit Cake On My Mind

During the past week, I have been thinking about Fruit Cake.  Actually, when I was growing up in the South, it was a true test of a cooks skill to make a good fruit cake.  My Mother made the standard type of  fruit cake and she also made a Japanese Fruit Cake that I enjoyed.  These cakes included candied fruit that has become so taboo.  I remembered a fruit cake that I had tasted about 20 years ago that had maraschino cheeries, coconut and pineapple in it and was just divine.  I started searching for the recipe.  However, I could not locate it.  I tried many different searches at and All but could not find the cake I was thinking about.

I am not a person that just invents a recipe and decides to combine items on my own to make something; however, I started thinking about my sourdough bread recipe ( I posted the recipe on my blog on December 2).  I decided to make it with a filling of cream cheese, maraschino cherries, coconut and pineapple.

I rolled out the dough as if I was going to make my cinnamon rolls.  I mixed together:

 1/2 cup of baking Splenda in my food processor and processed it to make it smooth

I added:  1/2 cup of cream cheese and blended together until smooth

I spread this out on my rolled dough.  I then chopped a small jar of drained maraschino cheeries and chopped a can of drained chunk pineapple.  I spread this on the cream cheese mixture along with 1/4 cup of grated coconut.  I rolled the bread and cut it into three loaves and placed in loaf pans to rise overnight.

I baked the loves for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

After baking, I made an icing of 1/2 cup of the baking splenda that had been processed in the food processor and added 4 ounces of cream cheese.  I added 1/2 cup of the chopped drained  pineapple and chopped drained maraschino cheeries along with 1/4 cup of coconut.  After mixing together, I drizzled this over my loaves.

They turned out spectacular and no they did not taste like the Friendship cake I remember.  They had great flavor and were not extremely sweet.  The cream cheese did not overpower the other flavors of this bread.  The next time I make it, I will make a glaze of confectioners sugar, milk and the fruit and drizzle it over the loaves.

The picture above shows the loves and the iced ones versus the one that is not iced in the front of the picture.  The picture below shows the inside of the loaves.

Did I find the Friendship Fruit Cake recipe.  Yes, I found it on the website and it is a 31 Day Friendship Fruit Cake.  Needless to say, I could never make it by Christmas this year but I will put it in my “some day I am going to try this” and hopefully make it sometime in 2012.

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  1. Barbara Piekarski

    I love my mother’s recipe for fruitcake and I make it at least once every Christmas. Its a light cake with coconut (mother always prepared her own coconut beginning with a real coconut-draining out the juice and baking it in the oven until the nut shell cracked so she could grate the coconut inside). She used golden raisins, candied cherries and pineapple as well as pecans. It is special and memorable to me and my brothers.

    I will make sure to send you some of this cake, neighbor.


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