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It’s Christmas In Dixie

One of my favorite Christmas songs is Christmas in Dixie by Alabama.  I have a greatest hits Alabama album and that song is on it, so even if I am driving down the road in the middle of July and here it, I enjoy it. The lyrics include the following and as you read this, please know that is my wish for each of you.  Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to sharing my part of the South with you in the future.

It’s Christmas in Dixie

It’s Snowin in the Pines

Merry Christmas from Dixie

To Everyone Tonight

I want to share some pictures of our house at Christmas.  I wasn’t going to do that as I thought it was a little silly.  However, I remembered my international subscribers and you might be interested in a small glimpse of Christmas in the South.  The pictures include our backyard and bird feeders.  We enjoy feeding birds in the winter time.  I would love to see your Christmas pictures too.

By the way, does it snow in the pines in the South?  Yes it does and some of our higher elevations in the mountains of North Caroina and Tennessee have seen snow on Christmas day.  Last year, we had a white Christmas and the last time that happened in our area was 1947 so you can see it doesn’t happen very often.  It was a beautiful snow and this is one of my favorite pictures of our side yard. It reminds me of a picture on a Christmas Card.

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