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Bear With Me

This past week  I have been extremely busy.  I did not cook anything really new and exciting as far as cooking is concerned.  If you can bear with me through the next several months, as I am currently taking a day care credentials class and my hours of working have increased to almost 30 hours a week on a consistent basis.  I had lots of studying and lesson preparation over the weekend.  I think the increase in my activity is really a good reminder to me of the days when I worked 4o hours a week, did most of my housework alone and was involved in the life of my daughter when she was growing up.  I know for all the working women out there that you just don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen every week.  Who wants to anyway?  There are so many luscious recipes we can prepare and still have time left over for fun.

Tomorrow, Monday, I will be highlighting recipes from the Mother of one of my friends.  I am so excited about them and so happy that I will be able to share some real southern cooking from a true southern cook.  It thrills my soul to keep some of those Southern recipes alive through this blog.  Stay tuned and if you have a great Southern recipe or dish that you enjoyed, let me know.

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