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Taco Soup – A Weight Watchers Recipe?

I have had this recipe for Taco Soup for approximately 20  years and honestly do not remember where I got it. I do remember that I was told that it was a Weight Watchers Recipe when it was given to me. Yesterday, in honor of the Super Bowl Game here in the US, we had a souper bowl lunch at our church with monies going to missions.  We had so many different varieties of soups including potato, clam chowder and even gumbo.  It was very enjoyable and I wish we would do this on a monthly basis.

I made the Taco Soup yesterday and I always think it makes the flavors blend together so much better when you let it sit in the fridge overnight.  You can serve this with tortilla chips and being Southern, I also love to serve it with a mexican cornbread.  This will serve 12 people so if you need to feed a crowd this would be a good choice.

Again, I am trying to take pictures as I make dishes and I am beating myself up for forgetting to take a picture of my soup.  Can’t do it now as it is completely gone.  However, my husband just told me he would love to have it again soon. When I prepare it again, I will post the picture.

Taco Soup

1 lb. ground turkey (or lean ground beef)  I have made it with both meats and preferred the ground beef

1 large onion chopped

1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

1 pkg Taco Seasoning Mix

Each can listed below is the 14.5 ounce can

1 can Pinto Beans

1 can Chili Hot Beans  (There is a mild and a hot version and I prefer the mild version)

1 can whole kernel corn

1 can stewed tomatoes (mexican flavor)

1 can stewed tomatoes (any flavor)  I use the plain stewed tomatoes

Brown meat and onion, drain.  Mix Hidden Valley and taco seasonings into meat.  Then, without draining, add all of the other ingredients.  Simmer l hour. Makes 12 servings of 1 cup each.

This soup is more tangy than spicy and is very filling and satisfying. A diabetic can eat this is proper serving size as it has lots of fiber in it with the beans included in the soup.  There are low-sodium versions of some of these ingredients that would be adaptable for someone that has to watch their sodium content.

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