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Childress Vineyards

Last week I mentioned that my husband and I would be taking a road trip on Monday.  We went to Lexington, North Carolina and visited Childress Vineyards.  Wineries and Vineyards have not been a part of the culture of North Carolina in the past. However, at the turn of the 20th century, North Carolina was the premier grape-producing state in the US.  Childress Vineyards opened in October of 2004  and the first of three winery-owned vineyards was planted in 2002.  They currently have 77 acres under vines with 12 varietals planted. These Vineyards are owned by Richard Childress and his wife Judy of Nascar racing fame.  They own a Nascar team with Kevin Harvick, Paul Menard and Jeff Burton.  I have never visited a Winery/Vineyard before so I cannot compare it to any other experience in my past.



I can tell you that I enjoyed the visit and the Vineyards and Winery are built in the tuscan style.  It is such a peaceful place and the people working there are so warm and friendly and make you feel important.  I am not a big wine drinker and I like a blush wine just about all the time.  However, I did experience the wine tasting at the Vineyards and realized that I like non-dry wines.  I felt more confident about my choices after the tasting and after all, if I was the only one that liked non-dry wines, I don’t think they would be available.





Today I am sharing my pictures from the winery and showing you some of the reasons why I love the state I am in.

This is the link for the Vineyard website and I am looking forward to my next visit.

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