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A Yard Sale Find – The Help and A Hot Fudge Pie Recipe

This is what I found last week during my yard sale adventures. I have seen the movie but I also wanted to read the book.  As I have started to read it, I realize how much the South has changed and how familiar I am with some of the situations in the book and movie.  There are times that I long for the South of my younger years but there are some things that I don’t miss at all.

Unlike the white families in the book, my family was middle class and my Mother and Daddy both worked.  Like the families in the book, I was kept by a black maid while my Mother worked.  Some part of the movie and the book are exaggerated but that makes them entertaining.  I can remember as a little girl going to the downtown drugstore with my grandmother and sitting in a grown up chair and eating ice cream out of a glass bowl.  I thought I was pretty special.  That was the good memory of that drug store.  The sad memory of that drug store was the water fountain in the back that had a sign over it that said, “Colored.”  I noticed black people would walk to that water fountain to get a drink of water and I did not understand why.  It still brings tears to my eyes now when I think about it.  Thankfully, that has changed about the South I love.

A part of this book involves a pie baked by Minny, one of the maids.  I searched through my regional cookbooks and decided to share the recipe listed below with you.  As this recipe is submitted to a South Carolina cookbook by a lady named Sidelle it just seems so appropriate and so Southern.  There are two additional pie recipes on the page that I think you might enjoy.

hot fudge pie

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  1. I like this. I could make it for my grandson who is now on a glutin free diet. It is now booked marked


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