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Summer Flowers and Sweet Tea

Today, I am sharing pictures of flowers in bloom in my part of the South.  I have admitted before that I am not a gardener but I do like to have something blooming in my yard most of the time.  I am also sharing a recipe for Sweet Tea.  It just seemed appropriate to share the tea recipe as it is a favored beverage in the South and as part of my offering of Southern Hospitality today, I would be remiss not to offer you a glass of iced tea.

This is a picture of one of my favorite potted flower combinations that include tall garden, phlox, portulaca and a sweet potato vine.  That is a small pot of petunias beside the larger container.

A view of the corner of our deck and part of our sunroom from the backyard. Love having a swing in our yard.

This is a view of the crepe myrtle in our front yard from the road.

The picture below is a traditional colored crepe myrtle that is so popular all over the South.  It is in my side yard and doesn’t get as much sun as the lavender tree in the front yard.

The traditional colored crepe myrtle that is planted in my side yard

Boarding House Iced Tea

From Mrs. Wilkes Famous Recipes Cookbook  (As Much As I Love The Food At Mrs. Wilkes In Savannah, I Especially Enjoy Her Sweet Tea)

3 family size tea bags, Orange Pekoe, black cut (tetley) or 6 small (single serving) bags

Place tea bags in crockery jar or pot.  Pour 2 pints of boiling water over bags (cover). Let stand about 5 minutes and drain into serving container.  Add about 2 pints of tap water.  While tea is still warm, add 1 scant cup of sugar.  Fill tall glass with ice and pour tea over ice.  Serve with slice of lemon.  Makes  1/2 gallon.

My one and only Fern sitting on a bench in my side yard

This is another view of the lavender crepe myrtle that is blooming in the front flower bed of our house. It had very short limbs when we moved into this house six year ago but now the limbs are longer and flow from the center of the tree.

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  1. Your crape murtle is pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Make my tea the same way Dianne! When I was at home one of my jobs in helping with meals was to brew the tea. We had it at most meals. I still make it the same way and just about every one who drinks tea at my house will say that it is the best they have had. Now, having wrote that and I will have to confess that while I was working on my tea making skills I did not learn to do anything else in the kitchen……..Steve had to teach me! Thanks for the post.

    • I didn’t realize I had a Mrs. Wilkes Teamaker right here nearby. I absolutely love sweet tea. Dale and I have adapted to decaffinated tea and Splenda with lemon and it is good. I know I am probably just drinking colored water. Thanks for Sharing and if you can make a good glass of ice tea you are OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaalsoooooooooo looouuuuvvvveee Savannah, honey..


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