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Mexican Lasagna – Let’s Fry Some Tortillas

As I mentioned on my Monday post, we had friends over last weekend and I served food with a Mexican Theme.  I made Mexican Lasagna and got compliments on the dish.  I am sharing the recipe with you today and I will tell you that it is labor intensive.  If you have ever made Italian Lasagna from scratch, this process is the same.  You do use tortillas instead of pasta in the dish.  I was making good progress with the dish until I got to the statement to fry the tortillas in oil.  Oh dear, I haven’t fried anything in years and I really had to stop and think about how to do this.  First of all, I did not get my oil hot enough and then it was too hot.  My husband passed through the kitchen as I was going through the process and I had to ask for his input of what I should do.  If you don’t normally fry tortillas and want to use this recipe, it might be a good thing to have extra ones to practice with as that is what I did.  Amazingly, the tortillas were still crispy in the dish as I removed it from the oven after baking.

Mex Lasagna

This recipe was in my “Please Don’t Eat The Geraniums Cookbook published by the Hickory Woman’s Club In Hickory, NC.  I would definitely make this again but as I mentioned in my Monday post, the Southern cooks of today just don’t fry as much as our mothers and grandmothers did.  When I fried the tortillas I also made a greasy mess in my kitchen.  Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I use a non stick skillet and some vegetable spray when I fry them. Less messy that way. They still crisp up. I know what you mean about a yucky greasy mess on the stove. Aren’t those fund raiser old cookbooks fun.

  2. I must tell you that I buy the already crisp tortillas at the market and always but the baked ones to reduce the calories. Your dish looks great!


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