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Caretakers of Treasures – Biscuits – Yard Sale Finds

A Southern tradition for sure is biscuits and I remember as a little girl, fresh biscuits were a staple in our homes.  Yes, lard was used at that time and now is almost non-existent in our homes.  We do use Crisco from time to time but most of us don’t have biscuits as a staple in our homes.  Growing up, grandmothers gave their grandchildren biscuits as a treat or to satisfy a hunger between meals. Today I am sharing a recipe for biscuits and a yard sale find.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to an estate sale.  I love yard sales but I am beginning to love estate sales even more.  When you walk through a home with all the treasures of someone unknown to you, you will learn something about them.  As we went through the home, I saw the seashells pictured below.  I like to use shells when I am decorating my home and decided to snap them up for the huge price of 75 cents.  My husband and I have collected shells with our daughter on beach trips through our 40 years of marriage and we wondered if the shells were a collection for this person of their beach trips.  When I came home and washed the shells, sand was rinsed from them and that told me they had been collected at the beach.

I was very happy to have the shells and would love for the people who collected them to know that I will take good care of them.  While browsing through the same home I found a little inspiration book for 25 cents and I love inspiration books so I purchased it too.  When I came home and started browsing through the book some papers fell out of it.  They included the announcement of the couple that lived in this home’s 60th wedding anniversary.  I discovered they were married before I was born but they were married on my birthday.  The lady’s name was Mae and that was my grandmothers name and they both spelled it the same way.  As you can see from the picture below, the name of the book is “The Magic of Joy” and I believe we should be joyful as much as we possibly can.  A picture fell out of the book and it was a closeup of a rhododendron and that is one of my favorite flowers.  After discovering all of the coincidence of the items I purchased, I came away feeling that no matter what happens to us, there will be someone who will treasure our treasures.  Mae, I will take care of your treasures and pass them on.

As food bloggers and just plain cooks, we are caretakers of our ancestors recipes and traditions.  It is our responsibility to handle them with care.  For a southerner there couldn’t be anything more treasured than a biscuit recipe.  Today, I am sharing Mrs. Wilkes biscuit recipe from her boarding house in Savannah, Georgia.  Paula Deen has also shared this recipe in one of her cookbooks so she is dedicated to being a caretaker of our Southern treasures too.  Mrs. Wilkes biscuits are so good and when I eat at her restaurant I always save room for another biscuit for dessert.

Mrs Wilkes Biscuits

Enjoy and Happy Weekend Everyone

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  1. The last estate sale I went to …………………..I bought the home we now live in!!!


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