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Pancakes – A Betty Feezor Recipe

Betty Feezor, a local TV personality on a Charlotte TV station in the 70’s taught me so many things about cooking.  I would watch her 30 minute show everyday and asked for her cookbooks as gifts because I was convinced that if I learned to prepare everything in her cookbooks, I would learn how to cook.  I still have and use two of her cookbooks to this day.  The cookbook I am using today was published in 1974 and I am sharing a recipe I used many times for pancakes. The name of this cookbook is Carolina Recipes Volume II.  I never used pancake mix because I did not like the taste of the pancakes made from the mix.  I do buy pancake mix now and I only use the krustea brand.  It tastes very much like homemade pancakes.

BF Pancakes


This recipe is simple and I used it for many years and got so used to preparing pancakes this way that I did not even think of looking for pancake mix.  I guess you could say I was in a rut but the people that ate these pancakes enjoyed them. I have never tried the variations that she has listed on this recipe; however, I have added some blueberries to the batter as I have prepared them and they turned out great.  If I used frozen blueberries, I would only let them thaw a little before adding them to the batter.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great timing. My husband has been wanting pancakes and I also watched many of Betty’s shows when I was growing up. Mother always watched her. My daddy even submitted a recipe one time for biscuits made with whole wheat flour.

    Thanks for all your great ideas. I recently searched for your St. Peter Bean recipe to make for our class cookout. Glad you have your recipes archived!

  2. I would like a short stack of the Spicy ones please! ………….with some bacon!


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