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I love technology, Vacation and Beefsteak Tomato Salad

Through the magic of technology, my posts appeared on my blog last week as I was taking the week off and visiting one of my favorite places, Hilton Head Island, SC.  I will share pictures from my visit during this week and I will share my eating experiences.  Today, I want to share my favorite dish of the week and my favorite picture of the week.

I used my camera phone to take pictures this week and it was an experiment.  I was very happy with my resultss and today I am sharing a picture that was taken at Harbortown in the Sea Pines Resort at Hilton Head Island.  I was just randomly taking pictures of the harbor and this picture was instantly one of my favorites.  I love the shades of blue in the picture.

The boat in the picture is one of my favorites a catamaran.

During the week we ate at many different restaurants and as we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, we chose to celebrate it at the Chart House restaurant on the island.  I ordered a beefsteak tomato salad and it was absolutely wonderful and had to be my favorite dish of the week.  It really looked simple to make and I think the most important part of the dish would be the wonderful fresh tomatoes.

Beefsteak Tomato Salad

Baby Spinach lined the bottom of the dish

Four slices of tomato sliced thickly were placed on top of the spinach

Bacon cut into very small pieces and blue cheese crumbles were drizzled on top of the tomatoes

Balsamic Vinegarette was drizzled generously over the tomatoes and spinach

My salad happened to be topped with two small fried onion rings and they were made with the purple onions.  They were fried to perfection.

Our dining experience at the Chart House was exceptional including my entree of short ribs and our shared chocolate lava cake.  However, my mind continues to drift back to that wonderful salad.  I think you could leave the onion rings off and still enjoy it.

Happy Monday everyone!

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