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Let’s Go To Virginia – Fox Head Inn’s Blue Cheese Dressing

During the summer I acquired a copy of a book that is written by Dawn O’Brien and it is entitled Virginia’s Historic Restaurants and their recipes.  I enjoy reading this book as Dawn does a great job of describing the different restaurants she visits in the state of Virginia.  I really envy her for being able to visit so many wonderful places and then share them in such detail that makes me feel as if I am sitting at the table with her.  This week as we are experiencing the beginning of fall, my mind always goes to Virginia.  I live very close to Virginia and have visited the state many times during the fall season.  It is a good day trip for us and the colors and scenery is just beautiful.

Today, I am sharing a recipe from Dawn’s book for Blue Cheese Dressing.  This recipe was given to her at the Fox Head Inn in Manakin-Sabor, Virginia.  According to Dawn’s description this restaurant was The Hartford House in the long running daytime soap opera here in the US entitled Search For Tomorrow.  The restaurant was built as a farmhouse and had four dining rooms.

The recipe is from the restaurant for Blue Cheese Dressing is listed below and seems quite unusual to me as it contains crushed pineapple.  It makes a large size portion of dressing because the yield for the recipe is over three cups.  I think you could cut the recipe in half easily.

fox head's blue cheese dressing

I searched on the internet but my results showed that this Inn has now closed and the chef moved to Richmond, Virginia.  I know with the change in our economy the last few years this could easily have happened.  I do plan to feature more recipes from the book in my posts this week.

If anyone reading this post has visited this restaurant or know what happened to it, I would love to hear about it.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Copied the recipe. I will try to half it for my own use. It sounded so good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks and I am going to try your Banana Oatmeal Bread that you posted while I was vacationing. Very Inspiring!


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