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Virginia’s Historic Restaurants – Chownings Tavern Welsh Rarebit

This is day 3 of sharing recipes from Dawn O’Briens book, Virginia’s Historic Restaurants and their recipes.  Chownings Tavern is located in historic Williamsburg.  This tavern catered to the working man with grogs and ales served then, as they are today, in blue and white salt-glazed mugs. I am sure the Welsh Rarebit was a favorite with the people that visited the Tavern in 1766 when Joshua Chowning opened the doors for the first time enjoyed this recipe as much as we will today.

chownings welsh rabbit 1

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chownings welsh rabbit 2

I have visited Williamsburg and it is a wonderful place that transport you back in time to the early days of our country.  I do not remember Chownings Tavern but I will share with you a recipe from a restaurant in Williamsburg that I visited later in the week. The picture below is another picture from a visit to Virginia last year.

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  1. Love these old fashioned recipes and the illustrations. Is the tavern still open?

  2. Welsh Rarebit was one of the dishes we so often had when I was growing up! Let’s hope your post causes a revival of this wonderful dish!


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