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Virginia’s Historic Restaurants – Wayside Inn’s Carrot Cake

The Wayside Inn is located in Middletown, Virginia.  It was opened in 1797 for bed and board for travelers of the Black Bear Trail.  It became a stagecoach stop twenty years later.  In her comments about the Wayside Inn, Dawn O’Brien is quoted as saying, “for dessert I ordered their famous Carrot Cake, and I must say that it lived up to its delectable reputation.”

This recipe appeals to me because you can use baby food jars of carrots and you do not have to peel or grate carrots.  If there is anything in the kitchen that I do not like to do, it has to be peeling vegetables and I still feel that way even if I am making carrot cake.

wayside inn carrot cake

Recipe and Illustration from Virginia’s Historic Restaurants and their recipes by Dawn O’Brien.  I am sharing a picture below from one of our visits to Virginia.

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  1. I think everyone enjoys a good slice of carrot cake. What I hate about grating carrots is how they stain the cutting board.

  2. We have been to this wonderful Inn! They have such good food! And the service is out of this world! To sleep in such a historic location surrounded by all those antiques was just wonderful! It is the location where we decided to start our hunt for our B&B!

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