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Mummy Dogs – A Perfect Halloween Treat

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and I prepared Mummie Dogs for my grandson’s visit over the weekend. This is one of our favorite Halloween treats and I have prepared them many times for our family.  If it is just my husband and I, we still have these sometime during our Halloween celebration.

I got this recipe from Pillsbury and it is easy to prepare.  It reminds me of a recipe my Mother prepared when I was very young.  She called them, “Piggies In A Blanket.”  She would prepare dough and roll it out and cut it into smaller portions.  She would spread mustard on the portions and then place the weiner in the dough.  She would cover the weiners with the dough and bake them in the oven.  I always loved them. I am very happy that Pillsbury gave me an easier option for this treat.


If I have any suggestion for preparation of this recipe, it would be to keep the dough chilled after you spread it out into the rectangles.  Place it back in the fridge and then cut the chilled dough into strips. It is easier to work with when it is chilled.

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  1. I have been making these for a long time. The kids just love them.


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