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Beaufort or Beaufort – It is still a beautiful place

There is a Beaufort, SC and a Beaufort, NC and they are both very beautiful southern coastal towns.  Beaufort, South Carolina pronounces their city beau as in beautiful.  That is the way I remember it.  Beaufort, North Carolina pronounce their name as bo fort.  When I am trying to decipher in my head the pronounciation, I will say to myself, am I looking for a bo or a beauty.

I went to probably my final yard sales of the year on Saturday and found three really great cookbooks.  I bought one from Charleston, SC, one from Winston-Salem, NC and one from Beaufort, NC.

As I browsed through them, I realized how different our Southern cuisine can be in just 3 established locations in two states.  Today, I am sharing from the Beaufort cookbook and I scanned in a picture of the book above because I thought it was so attractive.

Below I am sharing two salad recipes that I thought sounded very interesting.  A lot of us are wanting to include more vegetables and fiber in our meals and I think both of these recipes will help us to do that. I am looking forward to sharing recipes from the other cookbooks soon.

beaufort bean salads

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