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Thanksgiving Plans and Giblet Gravy

First of all, I am sharing two recipes for Giblet Gravy that I have used in the past.  I know through my blog posts I share recipes with you that I have not prepared but look very interesting to me and are part of the Southern culture.  However, for my Thanksgiving posts, I am only sharing recipes that I have prepared in the past.
The first recipe for Giblet Gravy is one that I have used for years and I clipped it from a Southern Living Magazine years ago.  Even though our family prefers chicken over turkey, you can make this recipe using the giblets from the chicken instead of turkey and it turns out great.
Giblet Gravy_0001
Listed below is a link to Paula Deen’s recipe for giblet gravy from the Food Network website.  I used that recipe last year and for some reason or other, I just decided to try another recipe for my gravy.  Either recipe is relatively simple to make.

As this is my week of planning for Thanksgiving, I am repeating how I plan my menu and shopping list for the special day.  I will make up my shopping list from the recipes and items I am planning for the big day.  Ina Garten suggested a spread sheet and I decided to use her method.  I think she uses a computer but I make my list up very quickly on a legal pad.  I turn the page to landscape and write across the top of the sheet the categories such as meat, dairy, vegetables, etc. I then list my recipes on the left and put the amount I need of each ingredient in the appropriate column.  After listing all of the items I am cooking, I make a grand total of the items needed to purchase and then I check my pantry and fridge to see if I have any of the items available.  During the last few weeks of grocery shopping I have purchased items that I knew I would need for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The first time I used this system was last year two years ago for my baking ingredients for Christmas and I was so happy that it worked for me so well.  I had enough margarine, eggs, etc as I had made my spread sheet for the different items I was baking.  This has been something in the past that I have never prepared for correctly and my sweet husband would have to make a quick dash to the store for me.

I will probably go to the store next Monday for most of the things I will be purchasing for Thanksgiving.  If you have some time saving easy ways to simplify the planning and menu for the Thanksgiving meal, I would love to hear your ideas.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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