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Cranberry Relish or Pistachio Pudding

I love cranberries as  a part of our families Thanksgiving celebration.  Honestly, I love the canned cranberry sauce and I think it is because I grew up thinking that was the only option for cranberries and Thanksgiving.  After my husband’s diagnosis of Type II Diabetes, I search for recipes for a dish he could eat.  Listed below is a link to the cranberry relish recipe I posted on my blog last year.  It can be made in advance and stored in the fridge.

Next I am sharing another recipe that I love for the holidays.  It is so light and fluffy and is easy to make and you can prepare this one ahead of time, too.  The recipe looks like it was scratched out at the last minute and it was.  A friend of mine prepared it for a covered dish meal as a part of our Christmas celebration where we worked.  As we were leaving, I asked for the recipe and this is exactly how she gave it to me.  I scribbled it down on this piece of paper and that is how I have kept it.  You just mix all of the ingredients together and put it in a pretty bowl and it is good to go. I have garnished this before with marashino cherries and they brighten up the mint green color of the pudding.  This pudding could be a salad or a desert.

pistachio pudding

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  1. Oh yes…………it is going to be the Pistachio Pudding here!!!


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