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If I had to chose my second love after cooking, it would have to be decorating.  I especially love to decorate during the Christmas Holidays.  I got all of my decorations out this week and I have accumulated lots of them.  Somehow, I have lost my joy of decorating and I wanted to be inspired again.  My favorite holiday decorations use greenery and pretty glassware and Santa Claus.

So this is how my decorations look at the moment.

This is my guest bed covered with all of my nicknacks.  I am not showing you my decorations for our tree and that is another entire post.

The above picture is a view as you enter the bedroom.  I have used these decorations as I have accumulated them and this year, I decided I will do something different.  I will only incorporate my favorite things into the picture.  I have pretty red berries in my back yard and I plan to incorporate them into vases in my house along with pretty candle holders, glassware and of course Santa Claus.  This is my project for this week and I will pack up the other things to use another year.  This has really inspired me to decorate and I am looking forward to it.

So does that mean I am southern because I love:

1) love Sandy Claus  (that is the way I remember my elders pronouncing Santa Claus as I was growing up)

2) think the simple beauty of the decorations in Old Salem or Williamsburg are just the best

3)  anticipate all the wonderful events that take place during the Christmas season in the South even though there isn’t much snow.

I certainly hope so.

If things turn out good and I continue to practice my camera skills, I will take pics and put them on the blog.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Inspire me with your decorating…I can’t wait to see everything after you have finished. Please post lots of pictures.


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