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A Low Country Christmas

As today is my last post before Christmas, I wanted to share a special article that was in my Encyclopedia of Cooking written by Arthur Gordon.  I accidently came upon it last week as I was browsing through trying to decide what my Christmas Menu would be this year.  The descriptions in the article just took me back to a simpler time and helped me to realize some of our traditions today started a long time ago.  Southerners know how to celebrate Christmas and it is usually centered around food, family and friends.

This year, I will be serving something a little different but traditional for my main Christmas meal:  Ham, Sweet Potato Casserole, Greens, Lima Beans, Deviled Eggs, Pickled Peaches (hopefully, if I can find them), rolls and Chocolate Pound Cake, Pumpkin Pie and Key Lime Pie.

For Christmas Eve we will have snacks for lunch including ham rolls, sausage balls, cheese balls, dip and vegetables and dip and fruit.  Christmas Eve night we will have eastern style barbecue prepared in my crockpot, baked beans, salad and chocolate bark, assorted cookies and cherry pound cake.

I love preparing for Christmas and sharing that preparation with you.  If you don’t take the time to read this whole article, I do want to share some of the last paragraph:

“Some things have changed.  But the food and drink are still traditional and so, I hope, is the hospitality.  Backgrounds may change, but the spirit of Christmas doesn’t.  It still means warmth and joy and fellowship and a toast to absent friends”.

So now, I wish for you the spirit of Christmas that means the warmth and joy and fellowship and a toast to absent friends.  May we have that spirit within us as we approach a New Year.

So does that mean I am Southern because I love Christmas, Family, and Friends.  I certainly hope so.

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Low Country Christmas Menu

low country menu

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