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New Year’s Eve and Hilton Head Island Key Lime Pie

Last week as I was preparing my Christmas meal menus, I could not decide which dessert I wanted to prepare for me.  I always make something sugar free for my husband and then I decide on some sort of dessert for me.  I made my Mother’s chocolate poundcake for my daughter and grandson and I just think you need something chocolate for Christmas no matter what.  In the past, I have made cakes that reminded me of my childhood.  The cakes I baked included my grandmother’s coconut cake and red velvet cake.  This year, none of those things appealed to me.  I looked through my cookbooks and nothing seemed right.  My son-in-law would have loved a cheesecake but I had made one of those recently and shared it with him and I really didn’t have the time to prepare a from scratch cheesecake.  I started thinking about another favorite of mine and that would be key lime pie.  Little did I know at the time, that is also my son-in-law’s second favorite flavor after cheesecake.  Many of the recipes for key lime pie are too sweet for my taste and just overpower the key lime flavor.  Many years ago on a trip to my favorite place in the whole world, Hilton Head Island, I purchased a cookbook and I found the recipe I am sharing with you in the Island Events Cookbook of 1986.  It really appealed to me because of the cream cheese included in the recipe and that made the pie extra creamy.  I also loved adding the pecans to the graham cracker crust as it gave the pie extra crunch.  Probably the most challenging part of the recipe is squeezing the lime juice.  I did use the official key limes that are smaller and have a different taste from regular limes.

If you are looking for something special to make that is easy and tasty, I highly recommend this recipe.  If you need a special dessert for your New Year’s Eve celebration, this is worth the trip to the store to buy the ingredients.

key lime pie

After I made the pie, I realized that my favorite cheesecake recipe is in this same cookbook.  From now on when I want to make something with cream cheese, I think I will start with this cookbook.

Thank to all of you for reading my blog in 2012.  I have enjoyed sharing my Southern experiences with you throughout the year and I look forward to many more experiences in 2013.


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  1. Thanks for all the recipes you shared in your blog and your entertaining background stories for each recipe. Happy New Year! I will look forward to another year of recipes.

  2. I do believe that our Grandmothers shared recipes. You keep posting these marvelous recipes from my childhood and my Oma appears in front of me each time I read your blog! Best wishes to you for the New Year!


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