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Sandy’s Mexican Chicken – A Great Recipe For A Wintry Mix

Last Friday, a wintry mix was forecast for our area of North Carolina.  I don’t mind a snow maybe once or twice in a winter season but I do not like a wintry mix.  Most of the time that means freezing rain or sleet.  That is exactly what we had and because of the weather I did not go to work.  We had planned to go out on Friday night but because of weather conditions changed our plans.  Usually if we eat in on Friday, we prepare something very easy and I had a frozen pizza that we could prepare.  However, I had a tinge of guilt that I would be here all day and prepare a frozen pizza for our meal.  I had planned to make the Mexican Chicken on Saturday night and even though I like my crockpot during the week, I really enjoy having a crockpot meal on Saturday.  Usually we are so busy and it is nice to have the meal ready at the end of the day without much effort. I decided to prepare this recipe from my Crock Pot – 5 Ingredients or Less Cookbook.

sandy's mexican chicken

I made the recipe just as it is listed but for me there was something abnormal about having Mexican chicken with spaghetti.  We had rice with our meal on Thursday so I wanted to serve something different with the chicken.  I remembered these tortillas that are whole grain and thought they would be great with the chicken.  I heated them on our griddle and they went well with the chicken that had the consistency of a stew.  My husband really liked this and I am sure we will have it again real soon.

I know this recipe has the processed velvetta type cheese and I don’t use it very often.  However, when the weather is a wintry mix, calories don’t count.

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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