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Cheesy Chicken

I did not realize until I started writing this post that I would have two recipe selections this week that included cheese.  However, most of us like cheese and this recipe is just a little different.  I found it in my Hickory Junion Woman’s Club, Please Don’t Eat The Geraniums Cookbook and was really surprised when I saw that it was submitted by Shirley Mills.  That is my maiden name so that made this recipe even more appealing.  We had it for lunch last Sunday and I served it with Coucous.

When I see that word, I chuckle to myself and can only imagine what my Daddy would have thought if I told him I was serving Coucous.  He was strictly a meat and potatoes man so I don’t think he would have appreciated it.  You could probably call him “Old South.”

cheesy chicken

I thought this was easy to make and if you wanted to prepare it for a dinner party or other special occasion.  This turned out juicy and delicious.  I used italian seasoned breadcrumbs and I think that enhanced the flavor a little.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend Everyone!

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  1. I make a similar dish but add minced garlic to melted butter…as you say, it is very easy to prepare and is delicious.

  2. Delightful! I love dishes like this. Baked Chicken with the parmesan sounds wonderful.


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