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Buttermilk Ice Cream Recipe – The Local Palate – A New Favorite

Over the last couple of weeks I have featured a recipe for buttermilk pie as well as pictures of the buttermilk pie I made last weekend.  I got the idea for buttermilk pie from a magazine I saw in Charleston when we visited over Easter.  The name of the magazine is The Local Palate – Food Culture of the South.  I just loved the magazine and saw a recipe for Buttermilk Ice Cream.  That really intrigued me and I decided that I would give it a try.  We made the ice cream over the weekend and it is just delicious.  It has a creaminess because of the buttermilk but it also has a tartness to it because of the use of lemon and lime.

Here is a picture of my ice cream:

vidalias and buttermilk ice cream 011

It is creamy, rich, tart and delicious.  This is not a a quick and easy recipe that you can just whip together and throw into your ice cream machine.  The mixture was prepared on Saturday and we made the ice cream on Sunday.  I prepared the lemon zest and lime zest along with the lemon juice before I started making the recipe.  I always do that when I am making a new recipe just to be sure I have everything I need.  The mixture is then covered and placed in the refrigerator overnight.  The only thing I changed about the recipe was to use the Splenda sugar substitute instead of the sugar in the recipe.

Below is a link to the recipe and the article in the Local Palate magazine.  This magazine that is published in Charleston  has so many wonderful articles in it and the pictures of the food is just out of this world.  They do offer a weekly newsletter that I have already subscribed to and I am looking forward to the arrival of my first newsletter.

Later this week I will be posting about another Southern favorite of mine, vidalia onions.  I know that is quite a switch from buttermilk ice cream but it is a springtime favorite of mine.

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  1. I can go for a scoop now, though I’ve never had buttermilk ice cream. This one’s going in my recipe book! :-D

  2. I’ve been making ice cream all year round but haven’t try one with buttermilk yet. :) Sounds like an nice twist and interesting flavors.


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