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Herman Friendship Cake – An Old Favorite

I love to collect recipes and I think that sometimes, I will just go through my recipes mindlessly while searching for a specific recipe.  Yesterday, I was restoring some of my recipes to my blog and happened upon this recipe that I clipped from a newspaper years ago.  I haven’t made this friendship cake in years but I remember it as being so wonderfully moist and delicious.  When I made this cake, I had some Herman already prepared from another starter I was using at the time.  It worked out well with that starter.  I love the versatility of using different ingredients in the cake and I have made it with the apples, raisins or a combination of apples and raisins.

herman cake

Yes, working with a starter can seem overwhelming and time consuming; however, if you take it one step at a time it isn’t hard to do. I kept my Herman starter for years and got into a routine of feeding it and using it consistently.  Hmmmmmm, makes me think about starting the process again now.  In fact, I think I will share my sourdough bread recipe with you later in the week.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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