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On This Thankfulness Thursday

Today, I am thankful for:

All the people in this country and all over the world that have reached out and helped the people in Oklahoma as they are recovering from their tornado destruction

Holiday weekends and the official beginning of summertime – My favorite time of the year

And I am going to add a special thankfulness for this Thursday:

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been discouraged.  I could not pinpoint one reason for it and I do believe we can’t be the same all the time.  I kept being positive, prayed and just knew I would get a breakthrough somehow.  It just did not come.  Earlier in the week, it did come in the strangest way.  You may not know that I work part-time in a daycare center and I work with the toddler group of one and two year olds.  I have one toddler that has been in my care for a year and is one of the last ones to leave each day.  When she came into our class about a year ago, she would cry as the other children left and I would tell her to be quiet and listen so she could hear her mommy coming.  I told her if she was crying she wouldn’t be able to hear her mommy when she arrived.  She doesn’t cry anymore but on Monday at the end of the day, I said something to her and she put her finger to her mouth and said, SHHHHHHH!!!!!, we can’t hear mommy coming.

I know that may seems crazy to a person that doesn’t work with children everyday but it did tell me she had listened to me and somewhere along the way, she had learned something.  Working with children involves repetitive and consistent efforts with such wonderful rewards and I am thankful for that today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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