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Happy Memorial Day and lets Grill Some Ribs

Today is Memorial Day here in the US and I wanted to share a barbecue recipe as it is also the beginning of the summer season.

Growing up in the South I do not remember grilling out as we call it in the South now or having a barbecue.  A grill of any sort was rare in the South and you did not hear of anyone that had a grill.  We did have barbecued spare ribs occasionally and my Mother made them in the oven.  I do remember that I loved the barbecue sauce even though I wasn’t extremely excited about the taste of the ribs.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is from my yard sale find of a couple of weeks ago, The Southern Junior League Cookbook.  The recipe featured is from a Texas league and that state is famous for its barbecue just as we are here in NC.  I have eaten their barbecue on several visits to the state.  I loved the barbecue and I love the people in the state of Texas.  So today I am being patriotic and sharing a recipe to honor that state.


By the way, this cookbook was published in 1977 and I think that is the reason the last line of the recipes mentions an outdoor charcoaler instead of calling it a grill.

If you are celebrating Memorial Day today, take a moment to stop and thank those that have given their lives while serving in the armed forces.  They are the reason we live in this wonderful nation with so many freedoms.

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  1. I love Carolina barbeque………..don’t tell anyone, since I live in Texas!


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