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Meat Loaf – By A Fellow Blogger

Over the Memorial Day weekend, while we were in Atlanta, it was as if meat loaf just kept popping up on menus and road signs and everything else.  When we returned home I decided I would make meat loaf.  It isn’t something I make all the time and I am a little different in shaping my meat loaf into a loaf and putting it on a rack in a pan so the fat will drain off.  Most recipes that I read for meat loaf prepares them in a loaf pan and they have always been to greasy for me when I prepared them that way.

As I started to prepare my recipe last Sunday for lunch, I realized I did not have an envelope of onion soup mix and I have always used that to season my meat loaf.  However, I am learning to use spices that I have on hand when cooking now and I make my spaghetti sauce from scratch and incorporate individual spices.  If you are a busy person and need to use the onion soup mix, by all means do it, as I used it for years and my husband just couldn’t care less how I prepare it.

I started to think of how I should season the meat and I had a thought about a fellow blogger, Back Roads Journal By Karen and I remembered that she had a meat loaf recipe I had saved that I wanted to try.  I found the recipe and really liked the way she made it and that she prepared two loaves, one to eat now and one to freeze and eat later.  I also liked how she prepared the loaves the way I do and placed them in a pan.  I made the meat loaf exactly the way she recommended and they turned out great.  The seasoning was absolutely perfect and I would not change one thing about the recipe.  (Karen, if you are reading this, you should feel flattered as I am always making some type of change to a recipe as I prepare it.)  My husband loved it and I did to0.

Here is a link to Back Roads Journal Basic Meat Loaf recipe and while you are there look at all the other posts Karen shares as her blog is one of my favorites.  Thanks to you Karen for sharing such a great recipe with me.

I do believe I will use this recipe in the future and now I am getting so carried away in using my own spices and incorporating them into a dish, that I now make Junk Spaghetti Sauce and it usually includes, garlic, oregano, basil, red peppers, tomatoes (Canned or Fresh) and whatever else I might find that I want to include in the sauce.  This week I had some leftover chicken that I added to the sauce before I served it.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I am flattered…what a lovely compliment. I’m glad that you enjoyed the meatloaf recipe. Good for you using the spices you have in new ways.


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