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On This Thankfulness Thurday

On This Thankfulness Thursday, I am thankful for:

People that are caretakers of children whether they are teachers, administrators or any other type of caregivers,

For Parents that entrust others to take care of their children everyday,

And for children that can teach us so many things about life that we might have forgotten.

Today, I want to share an experience with you.  If you are a caregiver of a child in any capacity, I am sure you question whether progress is being made.  I have worked part-time at the same day care center for almost two years.  I can now see progress in children that might have discouraged me two years ago when I started. The other day on the playground some of the children (three and four year olds) were playing on tricycles that are joined together and rode by several children at one time as they go in a circular movement.  One of the tricycles had a broken pedal and Susie was riding it.  I told her she had to get off of the tricycle because it wasn’t safe.  Without a second of hesitation, Sam got off his tricycle and offered it to her.  His idea was that she had on sandals and the broken tricycle was more dangerous for her.  He was wearing tennis shoes and it would be safer for him.  Sadly, I had to communicate to him that he couldn’t ride the broken tricycle either.  I could see that he was upset and wanted to cry.  I hugged him and told him he did the right thing and a very sweet thing.  Susie was sitting on the tricycle he had been riding and I told her he had done a sweet thing for her.  It would be best if she rode the tricycle for two or three laps and then let Sam ride it.  I walked away from them but could still see if Susie would give him the tricycle.  She Did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was amazed.

I was amazed because a year ago these two children would throw tantrums and NEVER share anything with anyone.  Everything was theirs.  That was encouraging for me as a day care worker and I hope it is encouraging for stay at home Moms or any caretaker of children.  I am sure there are times where we ask ourselves, “Will They Ever Get It?”  I want to encourage you to believe that yes they will.

My child care philosophy is positive consistent persistence.  When a child has routine that is enforced positively EVERY  day.  They will get it.

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  1. Oh how I needed this today! My five year old and six year old have been battling it out lately and I just said to my mom tonight “will they ever understand?” Thank you for sharing this!


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