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Another Southern Tradition – Vegetable Sandwiche Spread

Over the past week as I have been browsing through my Southern cookbooks, I have been thinking about Southern traditions.  One that might not be so well known is vegetable or chicken salad sandwiches for teas, showers, weddings, or any other special Southern event.  In the past, I know these sandwiches were usually served without the crust and cut into appropriate shapes or quartered.

When I saw this recipe in my Charleston cookbook, Music, Menus and Magnolias, I knew I wanted to share it with you.  I think it is very versatile and would be appropriate for just about any occasion.  I could even see a Mother enticing her children to eat this to increase their vegetable consumption.

vegetable spread

Now to really be a Southern tradition, I can imagine the sandwiches being served on a beautiful glass, crystal or silver platter.  There isn’t anything more Southern than that.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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  1. Ha!! This one brought back memories!! Haven’t seen this in years!

  2. Growing up in Charlotte there was a farmer’s market near the Dilworth area and just down from Shoney’s. Every Saturday (in the 1960’s) I would go with Mom and she would pick this up from the one woman who made it. Sometimes she would have it already made into sandwiches (thin white bread with the crusts removed and cut into quarters) and I couldn’t wait to get in the car and sneak one! They would be sealed in a large round metal tin (like a movie reel would be stored in) and covered with damp cheesecloth. These morsels of heavenly goodness and an ice cold bottle of Cheerwine were the best! The woman also made Pecan Tassies which were to die for!


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