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Mrs. Wilkes’ Barbecued Corn

If you are from the South, you are known for frying everything.  However, I think we can barbecue anything too.  Last week, I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today in Famous Recipes from Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House cookbook.  The title of the recipe is barbecued corn and I imagined basting fresh corn in some type of exotic sauce and grilling it.  As I read the recipe, I realized it could really be a main dish skillet meal.  It is the type of recipe that I loved when I was working full time and looking for something really quick to fix for an evening meal. That was before Hamburger Helper became a part of our lives here in the US.  I prepared this for us over the weekend and here is a picture of our results.

Cookout potato salad barbecued corn 027

We enjoyed this and it seemed as if we were eating sloppy joes with corn.  I wanted to use fresh corn but we had a flash flood in our area and I did not visit the Farmers Market on Saturday so I wasn’t able to purchase any fresh corn.  I used the canned corn as shown in the recipe below.

A special note about this recipe, Mrs. Wilkes includes celery as one of the chopped ingredients as your read the preparation of the recipe but celery is not listed in the ingredients at the top of the recipe.  I did not include celery in my preparation.

barbecued corn

I do think this is a good recipe for incorporating vegetables into a meal and it is better for a diabetic than having sloppy joes on hamburger buns.  Of course, being the barbecue lover that I am.  The barbecued flavor was my favorite part.

Thank you Mrs. Wilkes for another great Southern recipe.

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  1. You missed me with this one. I am German and we do not eat corn. We feed the corn to the animals and then we eat the animals.

  2. Ohh, this is interesting! I imagine the sweetness of the corn really works with the ‘bbq’ flavor.


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