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Crockpot Cooking – Dirty Rice

White Rice is something that I do not include in my blog very often even though it is a very Southern ingredient.  There isn’t anything better than white rice with chicken and gravy or actually just about anything.  The reason I don’t prepare it very often is because my husband is a Type II Diabetic and it seems to spike his sugar level more than just about anything.  He can eat white potatoes in very limited portions but we learned years ago to just not include rice in any meal planning.  I will order rice pilaf when we are dining out and actually I have learned to appreciate brown rice which is a great substitute.

I have a busy weekend ahead and I like to use my crockpot when I am busy with other activities.  It is also great to use it when the weather is so warm and we will be approaching 90 degrees this weekend. As I was browsing through my Crockpot Cookbook, I saw the recipe I am including in this post.  Dirty rice reminds me of a restaurant chain here called Bo-Jangles and they have wonderful dirty rice. This seems similar to theirs and the sausage would add spice to the dish.

dirty rice

Hope you are enjoying your summer and that you have a fun filled weekend.  Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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  1. I have never made rice in a crock pot…..interesting. I LOVE dirty rice but mine has to be the traditional with chicken livers. Never thought of using Italian sausage in dirty rice either.

    • I don’t think BoJangles uses chicken livers. I am sure they are using some of their country sausage in their rice. I thought the rice in the crockpot would be an easy option for a new cook as it can be challenging to make light fluffy perfect white rice.



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