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Susie’s Cookbook – Taffy Popcorn Balls – Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

I know as bloggers, all of us have time constraints.  The past week has been very busy for me because we had the living area of our house painted.  I am just rejoicing today over the beautiful walls the color of butter compared to my beige walls of the past.  In addition to a chaotic house, we had a visit from our family on Saturday and enjoyed spending time with our grandchildren.  All of that being said, I do have a short post to share with you today and a promise of more to come.

I plan to take pictures of my beautiful cream colored walls and share them with you as I have the fun of re-decorating the area.  On Friday of last week, I met my friend Dixie for breakfast at our favorite place, Cracker Barrel.  She had a bag with her and I really didn’t think anything of it, but to my surprise she brought me a bag full of cookbooks.  They were cookbooks she had never used and was kind enough to share them with a friend. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to receive them and I will share them with you in the future.

One cookbook was especially interesting and here is a picture of it:susie's cookbook

Susie, the creator of this book, started compiling her recipes and decided to include recipes from family and friends and created this cookbook.  The cookbook was printed in 1991 and I love the history she has shared in the writing of this book.  I do plan to share more of it on my blog.

As I was browsing through the cookbook, I saw a recipe for taffy popcorn balls.  I remember these from my childhood and always around this time of year, there would be popcorn balls.  I remember trying to make them but I just did not have the patience to get the taffy to the right stage.  All in all, this is a wonderful fall recipe and I hope you enjoy it.

popcorn ballsDixie and I meet at Cracker Barrel for breakfast often and we have developed a friendship with Kaela, that works there.  She was our server and especially interested in the bag full of cookbooks.  Kaela had been our server before when I brought a cookbook for Dixie. Kaela was so interested in that cookbook and Dixie reviewed the book at home. She decided that it was meant for Kaela so we gave it to her the next time we visited Cracker Barrel. Dixie and I decided to go through our cookbooks and see if we have any cookbooks to give Kaela the next time we visit Cracker Barrel.  Kaela is a real baker and just amazes us with the special cakes she bakes and we enjoy seeing her.

I think this post is another way of showing how important friendship, cookbooks and the love of food is to Southerners.  Happy Monday everyone!

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