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Moravian Cookies – A Local Tradition

Mrs. Hanes BrochureWe live in a very fast paced society.  I do wish we could slow down just a little and I feel that way especially during this season.  I love Fall and all the wonderful wonders of the season.  I enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, could we please celebrate them in that order.  I have a friend that visited a large chain store the other day looking for Halloween items.  She was told very firmly by the clerk that she was way to late for that and they had reduced all of those items and gotten rid of them to make way for Christmas items.

I love Christmas but please let me experience and enjoy Halloween and my most favorite holiday Thanksgiving before Christmas.  I have visited the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte numerous times and I really enjoyed it.  It takes place right before Thanksgiving and has so many wonderful Christmas ideas and gifts to select from.  Here is a link to their website:

Today, I am sharing one of the vendors from the Southern Christmas Show, Mrs. Hanes Hand Made Moravian Sugar Cookies.  I saw them for the first time at the Show.  I have ordered cookies from her website many times and my husband loves her cookies.  If you asked him what is a regret of being diabetic, he would say not being able to eat Mrs. Hanes Cookies.

I knew Christmas was approaching fast when I received her brochure (picture above) in the mail this week.  She has an amazing business and all of the cookies are made by hand each day.  Here is an excerpt from the brochure, explaining how they make the cookies.

Mrs. Hanes History

I love their cookies and I consider the arrival of her brochure a gentle nudge toward the holidays .  It makes me smile and think of all the memories I have of sharing these cookies with family and friends.

I went to my Bethabara Cookbook that was published in Winston-Salem (Mrs. Hanes is in Clemmons, NC a neighboring town) and searched for Moravian Cookie Recipes.  I have two that I am sharing with you and the real challenge of these cookies is rolling the dough out thin or approximately 1/8 inch.

moravian cookies 2I do make molasses sugar cookies for my husband at Christmas and he does enjoy them.  However, I never get my dough thin enough so I think you would call them puffy cookies.  Writing this post gives me the idea that I need to pay a visit to Mrs. Hanes in Clemmons.  I am thinking it would be a wonderful day trip to a special place with lots of pretty fall scenery to experience along the way.  Happy Friday Everyone and I hope you have a wonderful Fall weekend!

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  1. I have never heard of Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookies or Moravian Cookies of any sort……….I am all sorts of intrigued………this I must order……..


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