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Carmel Apples and A Mountain Trip Picture

Did you know today is National Caramel Apple Day?  I loved eating those when I was growing up and I occasionally see them in grocery stores today.  I don’t remember ever seeing them in stores when I was young.  I love the combination of the caramel and the apple and there was just something about eating an apple on a stick that made it that much better.  I think caramel apples are great to incorporate into a menu for a Halloween occasion or as a special treat for very special kids for Trick or Treat.

Here is a recipe for homemade caramel apples. A quick alternative to this recipe is to serve apple slices with a caramel sauce or dip.  I have some sugar free caramel ice cream syrup and I will slice some apples and serve them with the syrup for my diabetic husband to enjoy.

caramel apples

On Saturday we made a quick trip to the North Carolina mountains.  At one time, that was the way I celebrated my birthday each year.  My gift was a trip to the mountains to see the fall colors.  For the past few years, the colors have not been as vibrant as they were in years past. I don’t think the leaves had reached their peak in the Asheville area that we visited on Saturday.  As an amateur photographer, I have many pictures in my mind but after I snap them they just don’t look the way I imagined.  Saturday was a cloudy day and I was fascinated by the layers of clouds as they hovered over the tops of the mountains.  I wanted one picture of that.  We could not find the perfect place to stop to snap the picture.  We would stop and I would take several pictures just hoping that when I returned home, one would work for this post. The picture below is the very last picture that I snapped and I think that tells me not to give up when I am taking pictures.

Brevard 101913 065Yes, I do know there is a power line over the middle of the picture.  However, the layering of the clouds at the mountaintops is exactly what I was trying to capture.  The Asheville area is known as the land of the sky and that was truly the case for me on Saturday.  The clouds, fall colors and mountains were so beautifully blending together.  Thank you for your patience in my continuing challenges of snaping pictures for my blog.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

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  1. I enjoyed the picture. October is such a beautiful month. Thank you for sharing part of your trip with us.


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