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On This Choosy Tuesday: I Chose An Ina Garten Recipe Again

Yes, I am Southern to the bone but I love all kinds of good food.  My all time favorite cook is Ina Garten and I could share an Ina recipe with you every day as easily as I could share a Southern recipe with you everyday.  The recipe today is for a grilled cheese sandwich.  That probably sounds dull and boring unless you are a child.  However Ina Garten has elevated the flavor of the sandwich by sharing her ultimate grilled cheese sandwich from her How Easy Is That Cookbook.  It is delicious and if you do the prep work ahead of time it is easy to put together. The flavors of the cheeses used along with the bacon that gives it some crunch makes it absolutely an ultimate sandwich.

Here is a link to the recipe from Food Network:

The weather here in North Carolina is getting cooler and I know winter is own the way.  This would be  a wonderful comfort food to warm anyone up on a cold day.  We had friends over Sunday afternoon and I prepared these with Ina’s Tomato Soup from her Foolproof cookbook.  It was so good and who doesn’t like tomato soup and grilled cheese?  My husband thought it would be a great joke to ask someone over for such a simple meal and have the wonderful tomato soup and ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.  That would be a big surprise.

By the way, I do not have a Panini Sandwich maker but I used my George Forman Grill and it worked out just fine for the sandwich.

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  1. Neighbor Barbara

    As one of the friends who dropped by for a simple meal, I loved the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich! They were both definitely above and beyond what you usually think of for soup and sandwich. Each was a medley of different flavors. The bacon in the cheese sandwich added a surprise taste. I just had to have that second half sandwich!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it and I love creating special dishes for special friends that really enjoy food experiences. I think part of the Southern experience has always been when “the cook” would adda little smidge of something to give their dish a unique taste. I can depend on Ina to add just one ingredient that makes her dishes extra special!


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