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Apple Cider or Halloween Punch – Two Betty Feezor Recipes

I don’t have to tell you Halloween is fast approaching.  I love the pumpkin patches that appear for the children to “pick” their pumpkin.  We had our pumpkin patch yesterday at our daycare center.  The pumpkin patch is one of the playgrounds covered in purchased small pumpkins the small children can chose and take home with them.  It is one of my favorite days of the fall season and the children are super excited.  Having the mind of a child, they never question why or how the pumpkins suddenly appeared on the playground but are super happy to have “picked” them to take home.  Why not believe in The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

I went to my cookbooks and saw the following recipe in Betty Feezor’s Carolian Recipes Volume II.  I love the Goblin Punchbowl and it serves 30 people. The decorations of licorice and orange slices make it the perfect hobgoblin punch. I think it would be great for a Halloween party.

halloween punch

The weather in the foothills of North Carolina will be increasingly colder this week.  When I think of colder weather, I start thinking of warm apple cider.  I saw the following recipe for apple cider in Betty Feezor’s Carolina Recipes Volume I and I thought it looked good and was easy to make.  I keep apple juice in my fridge in the winter and I will heat it up and add a cinnamon stick to it and pretend I have apple cider.  Actually, it tastes good.

hot apple cider

It has been a fun week for me as we were able to visit our grandchildren over the weekend and take them to the pumpkin patch to select a pumpkin.  Add to that the experience yesterday of seeing the excitement of the little faces at daycare taking their “picked” pumpkins home.

I know I talk a lot about Ina Garten but the late great Betty Feezor taught me how to cook and be a homemaker.  Actually, I think she was Martha Stewart before there was a Martha Stewart.  Maybe she was just the Carolina version.

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