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A Recipe (Sweet Potato Pudding) and A Response That Was A Great Surprise

Last Friday I wrote a post about a yard sale find cookbook, Recipes From the Woman’s Club of King and Queen County Virginia.  I was very happy to discover an old recipe in the cookbook that I believe to be my Mother’s recipe for Apple Cake.  As I wrote the post, I mentioned that I thought the book was the oldest I have every collected and I had not been able to determine the year it was published.  After I wrote the post, I again googled the cookbook title.  I saw a link for the Woman’s Club and I have contacted them before but have not received a response.  However, as I looked at the possible contacts, I saw a listing for the Historical Society of King and Queen County Virginia.  I looked at their website and saw they had a library and thought they might have a copy of my cookbook.  I sent them an e-mail and asked if they could help me.

old Va Cookbook

As we all do on the weekend, I was going busily going through my day.  Later in the afternoon on Saturday, my phone rang and I saw that it was a phone call from Virginia.  I did not relate it to my inquiry of the historical society museum.  However, when I answered the phone I realized a very nice lady (sorry, I do not recall her name) was calling me about my inquiry.  She had been trying to contact me through my e-m ail account and due to the wonderful world of technology, it wasn’t working.  She had made an extra effort to find my phone number and contact me personally.  I was so excited and so impressed that someone would make that extra effort for such an unusual inquiry.   She told me my cookbook was published in 1964 and the Woman’s Club had published a bi-centennial cookbook in 1976.  I told her I discovered the cookbook at  a yard sale and the area of North Carolina where I live.  We had a very nice conversation and she said my inquiry helped them with their historical endeavors.

Here is a link to their website:  I have now added their museum to my bucket list and she told me they are located in a rural area of Virginia or as Southerners say, “we are in the country.”

I thought it was only fair to feature another recipe from the cookbook and I chose Sweet Potato Pudding as sweet potatoes are my very favorite vegetables of the fall season.  I think this would be a great choice for Thanksgiving. I scanned in the whole page that includes a chocolate recipe because I thought both of the recipes were interesting.

pudding recipes

This is a very happy ending to this story and I do believe this is the oldest cookbook I own.  I think I will always remember the year it was published because that is the year I graduated from high school.  I also want to say a special thank you to the lady that called me.  She made the extra effort to help me with my inquiry and even though I love how technology helps me to produce this blog, I do still love personal contact.

I do believe I still have a little of my recruiting abilities from my career as a national recruiter.  I also believe the museum in Virginia has some of those abilities too.  My attitude was always “find a way, make a way.”  I do believe that is the belief system of many Southern women.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. What a perfectly lovely story. Such delights from a tag sale.


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